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Ceremonial Matcha Brewing Set

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Masala Black Tea 25 TB

Take a trip down India! Welcoming, indulgent, embellished with delightfully spicy surprises.

Earthy, full bodied, generous- Sitting down with a cup of our Good Life Masala Chai is like having dinner with an Indian family. The exquisite cardamom treats you like royalty. The spicy sweetness of cinnamon blends in with the invigorating spice of ginger. The edgy clove adds drama. And then there’s the mysteriously sweet nutmeg for that satin-like finsh. Robust and full of flavour, this fragrant wonder is exactly what you need when you’re down and out.


  • Infuse a tea bag in a cup of piping hot water(100*C) for 3-4 minutes.

    Enjoy it India style! With milk but strong and sweet.

    Chill out! Tastes great on the rocks. Simply refrigerate and serve on ice.

    Time: Strong and spicy, perfect for whenever you need to get back on your feet. A versatile brew, our Masala Chai is the master at beating the heat and the chilling cold.

    Tea Cravings: If it’s raining, you can’t not have our Masala Chai and a plate of steaming Pakoras(Batter Fried Indian Savouries). Goes really well with spicy Lamb Croissants too!

    Strength: Robust (5/5) Flavour: Spicy, Full Bodied

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