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Ceremonial Matcha Brewing Set

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Darjeeling Black Tea 25 TB

Have a taste of an evening in Darjeeling. Ethereally light, musky and soothing.

Straight from the lush estates of Darjeeling comes this light bodied beauty. The sunkissed golden hues, the floral notes playing peekaboo with the dainty muscatel flavours, the divine aroma – The sheer beauty of it will take your breath away.


  • Infuse a tea bag in a cup of hot water(80*C) for 3 minutes.

    Enjoy: Tastes great as is. Go for a touch of honey for that sensational, sweet finish. Add a dash of milk, only if you must.

    Chill out! Tastes great on the rocks. Simply refrigerate and serve on ice. Garnish with some lemon.

    Time: The ideal evening companion. Be it a balmy sunset or one that chills your spine, the Good Life Darjeeling Black Tea is the one to celebrate it with.

    Tea Craving: For a warm evening, may we suggest some cucumber sandwitches and a Fresh Strawberry Tart or a Lemon and Poppy Muffin? On a chilly winter evening, a basket of hot scones and some jam should keep you happy. The Darjeeling Black compliments a good salmon like a dream.

    Strength: Mellow(3/5) Flavour: Floral, Citrusy, Muscatel

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